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Breaking the Cycle: How Family Therapy Can Help Heal Generational Trauma

Family Therapy for Breaking Generational Trauma

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Our childhood experiences can have an impact on who we become as adults. Sadly, trauma also often can be passed down via families.

Children who experience it are more likely to continue the cycle unless they receive help. Yes, this can be incredibly difficult to break, but that's where family therapy comes in.

Here at Safe Space, we want to help you understand the value of family trauma therapy and how it can help break the cycle of generational trauma.

What Is Generational Trauma?

A pattern of unresolved emotional, physical, and psychological scars passed down from generation to generation is known as generational trauma.

Severe neglect, substance abuse, and domestic violence are just a few examples–while its symptoms can include anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addiction.

What is Generational Family Therapy?

Generational Family Therapy Explained

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Generational Family Therapy focuses on breaking down the patterns and habits that have been carried down from generation to generation to avoid those issues being passed down further.

This is done by exploring the family’s history and identifying any traumas or significant experiences.

Once identified, it will reframe these experiences in a more positive light and develop new ways of thinking and behaving to break the cycle.

How do Family Counseling and Therapy Help?

Family counseling and therapy have been shown to be remarkably beneficial in tackling trauma present for generations.

This type of Family-Focused Therapy takes on each family member, helping them identify their thinking patterns and behaviors while creating stronger family relationships and communication.

A primary goal of family therapy is to explore how each influences the others and vice versa, creating a deeper knowledge of every individual involved.

3 Ways How Family Therapy Can Help Break the Cycle

How Family Therapy Breaks the Cycle

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1. Increase family communication

Misunderstandings are a common source of conflict in families when there is a lack of communication. Family therapy focuses on creating good communication patterns that can help family members express and understand each other's feelings more effectively.

2. Improve relationships

Family ties can be strained by trauma, leading to alienation and isolation. Good thing--family therapy seeks to understand the underlying causes of problems and to develop strategies for repairing relationships.

3. Develop problem-solving skills

Family counseling provides a safe environment to address issues and find answers that benefit everyone. This encourages how to function as a team so that you can handle future problems more effectively.

A Family-Focused Therapy at Safe Space

Generational trauma is a hefty burden that can bind families for generations.

However, with the help of our family trauma therapy, it is possible to break that cycle.

Family members can develop healthier relationships that benefit everyone through strengthening communication, relationships, and problem-solving abilities.

If you're looking for a safe space to heal, Safe Space can help you break the cycle of generational trauma. Contact us today!

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