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About Us

Safe Space SLC - About

Safe Space, SLC LLC is a growing community of progressive therapists located in downtown Salt Lake City.  We have years of experience working with teens and young adults of diverse backgrounds to help them grow, heal, and self-actualize in ways that are lasting and meaningful.  We understand that life for young people keeps getting more complex and uncertain, so we provide a safe and supportive place for our clients to be themselves, be seen and heard, and have the opportunity to work on living their best lives.  Therapy is not just about learning skills, it is also a place to learn about oneself, develop a stronger sense of purpose, identity and values, and resolve trauma and negative beliefs.


It also helps people move towards living a life of intention, peace and positive interpersonal relationships.  We trust that each of our clients has the power within them to heal and thrive. 

Our Team

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